Purchasing a house can be a bit overwhelming.

However, let me share a little bit of information with you regarding the due diligence. When we begin to place an offer, we include a negotiated timeframe which is usually around 10 days which is called the due diligence.

During this time, we inspect ask questions research anything that we want regarding the house. If we find anything that all that causes us to get cold feet or change our mind, we can exit the contract by sending a termination. This is a 100% risk-free opportunity to determine if we want to proceed forward with purchasing the home.

If earnest money has been deposited and our research indicates that we would like to cancel during the due diligence, the earnest money is returned to you 100% of the time. It is kind of like a Walmart receipt in real estate. Imagine shopping on Black Friday you place an item in your buggy but before you check out you could place it back on the shelf. It is the same type of approach during the due diligence. We can take a property away from the competition yet have control and an opportunity to decline and cancel at zero risk. 

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