Why have a home inspection?

There are many reasons for why we should have a home inspection. However, there are things that we need to consider when hiring a home inspector.

First of all, no experience is required to become a home inspector. So, let’s think about this for just a moment: what if we worked at a fast-food restaurant or an occupation that has nothing to do with homes. We I could still take the home inspector course and become a certified home Inspector. Does that make us an inspector? In my opinion no. That is why it is so important to interview and choose a qualified home inspector.

It seems that in Northeast Georgia we are limited on quality inspectors. However, I have been using the same inspector for the last several years. I have tried a few other inspectors and let me share a few of my findings.

One provided a picture of an empty wasp nest indicated that we would need to contact a quality pest-control service to remove the empty wasp nest. But in the same picture I noticed that there was no flashing underneath the deck. It raised my suspicion. I contacted the buyer and asked him if he would mind if we had a second inspection on his soon to be new home. He reluctantly agreed. I told him that if he was unhappy with the choice that I would pay for the inspection. I set my preferred inspector down to inspect this hole that had only very minor findings from the initial inspection. As we arrived at the residence, the buyers seem to be a bit aggravated that we were going through a second inspection and lead me to believe that he thought this was the good old boy system.

Once the inspector began immediately found some things that were concerning. At this point the buyer became more interested. Is the inspection continued the buyer became more interested? The end result from this additional $500 inspection resulted in a reduction of the price just under $20,000. But the initial inspection would not have changed the purchase price more than $600-$800.

This is only one of many examples. That is why I am proud to endorse Jon Wilbanks as my only preferred inspector.

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